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Your waxing experience will be perfect, the treatment comfortable and professional. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling absolutely fabulous, refreshed and silky smooth. In fact, we’ve been voted by readers of Denver’s 5280 Magazine as the top spot in Denver for waxing.

Women's Waxing Treatments


We will liberate you from your razor and tweezers! Escape the tedious chore of shaving. Accent your beautiful eyes with perfectly shaped brows and mascara-free dark lashes.

For Women, our Brow Wax, Leg Wax, and Brazilian Bikini Wax services are our most requested.

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Refine your look with professionally sculpted eyebrows to pop your beautiful eyes.


Say no to prickly results from shaving.


Speak his language with smooth and sexy intimate grooming.


Honoring us with your continued patronage and your referrals are our thanks.

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  • FACE
  • Brows $22 | Members $20
  • Teen Brows (18 & under) $10
  • Hairline $14
  • Chin $14
  • Cheek/Jawline $14
  • Lip $12
  • Nose $12
  • Nape of Neck $16
  • Sideburns $14
  • Face (includes Brows) $55
  • BODY
  • Abdomen/Stomach $30
  • Arms Full $45
  • Arms Half $35
  • Back Half $20
  • Chest $22
  • Feet & Toes $15
  • Hands & Fingers $15
  • Legs: Full $75
  • Legs: Lower Half $40
  • Legs: Upper Half $40
  • Shoulders $20
  • Underarms $22
  • Brazilian/Playboy $55 | Members $50
  • French $40
  • Buttocks $30
  • Buttocks Strip $20
Brazilian Wax


Bare from front to back. Complete hair removal from labia and from undercarriage.

Playboy Wax


Bare from front to back with exception of a landing strip along with hair removal from labia and from undercarriage.

French Wax


Front sides, but more than your mother’s bikini line.

Men's Waxing Treatments


Men, whether you wax for a competitive, athletic edge or as an essential element of your regular grooming, we will consistently deliver to your expectations. A clean and natural appearance, leaving you confident in your image is our goal.

Our most requested waxing treatments are Back and Shoulders, Chest, and Speedo.

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Instantly refine your look with maintained brows and attractively smooth skin that’s pleasant to the touch.


Emphasize your muscle definition.


Expose arm and body tattoos.


Improve athletic performance.


Honoring us with your continued patronage and your referrals are our thanks.

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  • FACE
  • Brow Clean-Up & Shape $22
  • Ears $14
  • Nose $13
  • BODY
  • Abdomen $30
  • Arms Full $45
  • Arms Lower Half $35
  • Arms Upper Half $35
  • Back Full (includes Shoulders) $60
  • Back Half $30
  • Back of Neck $20
  • Chest $55
  • Shoulders $25
  • Feet & Toes $20
  • Hands & Fingers $20
  • Legs: Full $75
  • Legs: Lower Half $45
  • Legs: Upper Half $45
  • Underarms $24
  • Brazilian $85
  • Speedo Line $70
  • Buttocks $40
  • Buttocks Strip $30

Advice & FAQs


Waxing cannot be performed on anyone using these prescriptions: Accutane, Adapalene, Alustra, Avage, Avita, Differin, Isotretinoin, Renova, Retin A, Tazarac, Tazarotene, or Tretinoin.

These prescriptions make the skin more sensitive. Thin, sensitive skin is more vulnerable to lifting and undesirable reactions during waxing. Also anyone using any over-the-counter retinol, anti-aging or anti-acne products please advise your aesthetician prior to your waxing service.

Why wax?

Waxing is a form of hair removal that removes the entire hair from the hair follicle. Warm wax is applied to the skin and enters the hair follicle allowing the hair to be pulled from the root. The wax is either removed with a cloth strip or it hardens and is removed by hand. Because the entire hair is removed, the skin is left very smooth.

Why should I wax versus shave?

When hair is shaved, within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface of the skin and coarse stubble can be felt. Shaving commonly results in ingrown hairs, bumps and ongoing skin irritation. With shaving, hair quantity and thickness stays the same.

Will hair grow in darker or thicker than it was?

Waxing will not change the color of hair within the follicle, and hair actually grows in finer than it was before.

Will facial waxing cause wrinkling of the skin?

Wrinkling of the skin occurs because of a breakdown deep within skin tissue. This breakdown is usually caused by excessive sun damage, skin dehydration, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and hereditary factors. Facial waxing does not cause a breakdown of skin tissue, and therefore will not cause wrinkling.

What should I expect from my first waxing experience? Does it hurt?

All depends; your first time receiving a body waxing can be uncomfortable because after shaving for years the hair grows extremely coarse. The more frequent you receive waxing services the hair will begin to grow thinner. Removing hair directly from the follicle is never comfortable, but our aestheticians are highly skilled, therefore, it is likely that your waxing experience will be more comfortable than most.

Some clients take Advil or Tylenol 30 minutes prior to coming in for their appointment – because everyone is different, we recommend checking with your doctor when taking medications. With continuous waxing, hair becomes finer and sparser and waxing becomes more comfortable.

The Urban offers an excellent product line designed specifically for waxing that numbs the area to be waxed, thus aiding in minimizing discomfort. We highly recommend this for first-time waxing clients.

What should I wear for a bikini wax?

During a bikini wax treatment you can leave your panties on or off. Upon request we can provide you an optional disposable panty for any type of bikini service.

Can I be waxed during my menstrual cycle?

Waxing during your menstrual cycle is possible but is not recommended because of discomfort. During your menstrual cycle your body tends to be more sensitive due to the change of hormones and this could cause the treatment to be more painful. We recommend you schedule an appointment within 2 weeks after the end of your menstrual cycle.

How should I take care of my skin before and after waxing?

You will want to refrain from extended sun exposure 48 hours prior to waxing. You should lightly exfoliate your skin several days before waxing. On the day of your waxing services, you will want to make sure you thoroughly cleanse the body area being waxed and that the skin is moist but not greasy from oils or lotions.

After waxing avoid extended sun exposure for 48 hours. You will want to avoid hot showers or baths, immediately following the service. Scented lotions, perfumes, or colognes should be avoided for 48 hours.

Based on your skin, your esthetician will recommend a post-waxing home care regimen and take home product to calm and soothe your skin.

How often should I wax?

This depends on the area being waxed and how fast your hair grows. For the most effective body waxing service, it is recommended that body hair growth be approximately ¼ inch long. On average, every four weeks is recommended for body waxing.

For the most effective facial waxing service, the ¼ inch rule does not apply. On average, every three weeks is recommended for facial waxing.

Why should I see a waxing specialist?

The Denver waxing salon specialists at Studio Urban Wax are clinically licensed skin care professionals who have specialized training in advanced waxing techniques.

Waxing and medication?

There are products contraindicated for waxing: Accutane, Retin-A, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, Tazorac Avage, Differin, Strivectin, Renova, Proactive, Avita, benzyl peroxide & salicylic acid. These are only some of the products we are aware of that may cause a problem and new ones come along daily. Your skin is important to you and us; please check with your doctor if you have any doubt.

Alternative Solutions? Studio Urban Wax offers Laser Hair Removal options also!

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